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EVANGELION's 6th Angel and EVA-01 Arrive in PUBG Mobile's New Game Mode

PUBG Mobile has announced a new limited-time game mode - Core Circle - inspired by the anime series EVANGELION, pitting players against its fearsome Angel as part of the version 2.0 update. The new game mode features EVA-01's face-off against EVANGELION' 6th Angel in a special event, which runs from 19 May - 19 June in Erangel.

At the beginning of each match, players will begin in a special shrunken Blue Zone as they "witness the 6th Angel's appearance on Spwan Island firing a powerful laser". Players must find EVA-01's spawn point on the mini-map, find supplies after fortresses are destroyed, and change the structure of their fortress walls to defend themselves.

In this mode, players can throw Blue Zone grenades to create a mini Blue Zone that depletes Health. There will also be a limited-time Respawn period near the beginning of the matches for fallen teammates to return to the fold and retain their weapons.

From now until 19 June, players can grab new exclusive EVANGELION collaboration items, including iconic character plugsuits, themed armor, parachutes, and backpacks. Players will receive help from a special buddy too.

In addition, an exclusive themed EVA Discovery event has arrived and will be available until 19 June, where players can play matches in Classic Mode to gain Exploration Progress with an extra progress bonus from the Core Circle gameplay after 19 May. Progress can be exchanged for limited-time Evangelion-themed rewards and players will receive a special discount when they upgrade some collaboration items into permanent items.


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