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Esports Business Network Announces EBN Esports City, Said to be Largest Esports Facility in SEA

Esports Business Network, a merger between Orange Esports Café and The Gaming Company, has launched the first Esports City in Malaysia, which it says is recognised as the biggest esports facility in Southeast Asia.

Costing RM4 million, EBN Esports City is situated on Quill City Mall’s top floor. Covering 65,000 square feet, it comprises the EBN Esports Arena, the Orange Esports Club, an esports cafe, the new headquarters of the EBN, and three live broadcasting studios.

The 10,650 square feet EBN Esports Arena can fit an audience of a thousand people and comes with “comprehensive production and broadcasting facilities” and a column-free design, while the Orange Esports Club is described as a “360° esports community event and lifestyle experiential space across PC, mobile, and console to nurture a heightened esports experience for both casual gamers and professional esports players”.

EBN Group CEO Adrian Gaffor said at the launch, “The launch of the EBN

Esports City marks the first phase of our exciting plans. While 2020 has been a test of

resilience given the global chaos with the health pandemic, nonetheless, esports has

experienced tremendous growth and accomplished outstanding milestones. We are poised to ride this wave of opportunity for the Southeast Asia region.”

In addition to the unveiling of EBN Esports Arena, it was also announced that EBN subsidiary The Gaming Company will partner with Riot Games Southeast Asia. The partnership’s results are exclusive to Malaysia and Singapore and involve “2021 esports and collegiate competitive plans” and regional tournaments for Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant.


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