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Epic Games Store Gives Away 3 Freebies This Week

This week, The Epic Games Store is giving away two free games - Black Widow: Recharged and Centipede: Recharged - both developed by Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox.

Black Widow: Recharged

In this cult classic twin-stick shooter, players must defend their spider webs from bugs while jamming to music by Megan McDuffee. Collect cash and power-ups like explosive blasts, spread-shots, and fear to trap enemies. Players can choose to play solo or join with friends for local co-op acropss 30 stages of challenges. Download Black Widow: Recharged for free here.

Centipede: Recharged

Centipede: Recharged is also e revival of an old-school classic while listening to Megan McDuffee. Just like Black Widow: Recharged, it offers 30 different challenges with new power ups for pick up, such as screen-clearing explosions, rail guns, and slowing down time. Blust bugs and chase scores alone or with a friend in local co-op, or join an endless arcade mode available. Claim Centipede: Recharged for free here.


Additionally, Epic has added a special "Epic Slayer Kit" for Phoenix Labs' online RPG, Dauntless. The special kit offers a 3-day VIP Club subscription and a dash of currencies to help players move forward in a world threatened by creatures known as Behemoths. In this game, players will attack the Behemoths using a combo system while monitoring their health and stamina bars. Players also need to collect loot to craft and upgrade weapons to take down more powerful Behemoths. Redeem the Epic Slayer Kit here.


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