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Epic Games Has Removed Police Cars From Fortnite in an Apparent Show of Support Towards #BLM

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll be aware of the #BlackLivesMatter movement protesting against police brutality against Black Americans. While numerous game companies have taken an overt stand in solidarity with the movement, others have avoided making waves and chosen to show support in a more subliminal manner.

Epic Games have played their part by silently removing police cars from Fortnite in its latest update. Gamers have been reporting that they are no longer able to find police cars around the map.

While Epic hasn't publicly commented on this move, a source from Wall Street Journal states that Epic was not trying to make a “political statement" with their decision, but to be "sensitive about the issues" players are facing instead.

With the ongoing situation of police violence yet to be resolved, it's encouraging to see companies take a stand, be it through public or more subtle in-game design decisions.


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