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Elite Dangerous is Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Multiplayer space exploration game Elite Dangerous is free on Epic Games Store this week, along with puzzle game/visual novel The World Next Door.

Elite Dangerous, which released on Steam back in 2015, gives players a starship and sets them loose in what the game claims to be the entire Milky Way galaxy. Players can upgrade and customize their ship, engage in combat, trade, and explore, either in a solo mode or in a shared world with other players. The December 2015 Horizons update added seamless space-to-planet travel, ships that can be crewed by multiple players, the ability to launch fighters from larger ships, and more.

As for The World Next Door, the “anime and indie gaming”-inspired title follows a teenager called Jun, who is transported to the world of and has to find a way out with the help of non-human characters. Aside from visual novel bits and a narrative with dialogue options and reputation systems, the game also has “puzzle battles” that combine tile-matching puzzles with real-time combat.

You can grab Elite Dangerous here, and The World Next Door here. Both are free until 27 November 2020.


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