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Dwayne Johnson Arrives in Fortnite

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is now available in Fortnite, arriving in the Foundation skin, which is unlockable through the Chapter 3, Season 1 battle pass alongside his outfit, styles, emote, and other accessories.

To unlock the Foundation outfit, players will need to visit the Mighty Monument, Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary to complete challenges and missions. Players will be able to unlock different in-game items as they complete different challenges, including:

  • Foundation's Fortune Emoticon

  • True Foundation Spray

  • Foundation's Plasma Spike Pickaxe

  • Foundation's Mantle Back Bling

  • Foundational Wrap

  • Tactical Visor

  • The Foundation (Combat Elite) Style

  • The Foundation (Tactical) Style

  • The Rocket Wing Glider

  • The Rocket Win Glider (Stealth) Style


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