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Dress Up and Life Simulation Life Makeover Debuts, First Test Opens for Sign Up Now

Archosaur Games has recently debuted a new limitless dress-up and life simulation game named Life Makeover. The first global test will begin in Southeast Asia in March with limited spaces available. Sign up here.

Life Makeover is developed with Unreal Engine 4, offering realistic graphics like fine skin texture, realistic hair details, exquisite clothing materials, and sparkling jewelry embellishments.

In Life Makeover, players can create their character's features, design fashionable styles, decorate their home, and engage in social activities. With thousands of clothes and accessories available, players will be able to explore dressing up their characters with modern trendy suits, retro long garments, glimmering evening dresses, and more. Besides choosing and styling, players also can craft and design their own clothes, from choosing the fabric to cutting and sewing.

Breaking the boundaries of character customization, the game allows players to customize the character's face, skin tone, body shape, and even facial expression.

As for their in-game home, players have the freedom to choose the location of the house, create their own style of home, and decorate every corner of the house. Furniture and decorations can also be self-crafted, placed, and colored.

Additionally, players can raise pets, meet other players online, and invite them for an afternoon tea together.


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