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Double Eleven Officially Launches New Office in Kuala Lumpur

UK based game developer and publisher Double Eleven officially launches its new studio in Mid Valley today.

The new studio measures 12,000 square feet and is designed with the concept of a modern games studio in mind, featuring developer rooms, dedicated areas for play testing, meeting spaces for large and small groups, a cinema room, and an extensive social space, curated to be inclusive for all working styles. There's also a large reception area for employees to stay refreshed after a tiring day with free beverages and even a pool table.

At Double Eleven, it's all about healthy culture and work practices as the company offers certain benefits such as flexible start time, paid voluntary overtime, and additional leave. The local team will be working closely with the UK studio on global projects as "one cohesive team".

"We’re excited to celebrate this milestone in expanding our studio’s people-first ethos into Malaysia, creating new opportunities for the highly capable pool of local talents. Combined, both studios position Double Eleven for the future to continue creating and publishing great games," said Mark South, COO of Double Eleven.

From sales, marketing, distribution, and quality assurance to art, design, programming, and production, Double Eleven aims to grow the Kuala Lumpur studio's development capabilities, similar to its UK headquarters.

For anyone who's interested, the KL studio is looking to recruit full-time staff for several positions. You can head over to the Double Eleven Careers Page for more information.

Double Eleven is known as the creator of Minecraft Dungeons, Prison Architect, Rust, and many more. The company has recently announced a partnership with Bethesda Games Studios (the studio behind The Elder Scrolls franchise) for new content for Fallout 76, which is scheduled to be available later this year.


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