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Dota Player's Complaint About Toxic Teammates Backfired After Being Exposed by Redditors

Ah, just another day in the life of a Dota player. Yesterday, Reddit user arctan_x jumped onto the feeder rant bandwagon with his own experience. He claimed that his team's Pudge and the opposing team's Bane started feeding inexplicably around the 10-minute mark, despite the game still being 'absolutely possible to win'.

Some of the highlights of his rant were:

  • Both heroes running down lanes to feed

  • Buying wards to block own camps

  • Farming jungle to hoard NC items

  • Pudge donating gem to opponents

  • Bane donating rapier to opponents

As most Dota players could relate to this dramatic and borderline hilarious display of toxicity, the Reddit thread shot up to the front page and the OP (original poster) was gilded (an act of being awarded 1 month of Reddit Gold membership, often used as a gesture of appreciation by other Redditors.)

However, this soon backfired as some determined sleuths managed to hunt down the exact game that the OP was talking about, and discovered that Pudge's feeding spree began right after OP stole his boots while farming jungle!

Coincidence? I think not.

See it for yourself:

This prompted a mass downvote of the original post, and the OP deleted it soon after (presumably out of shame).

But that was not before he tried to justify his actions by saying that he just wanted to mess with Pudge who was flaming people in team chat, and fully intended to return the boots later but conveniently 'forgot.'

People weren't buying his excuse though, and thoroughly shamed him for his hypocrisy.

I guess the lesson here is to learn how to introspect - before you go about flaming others for being toxic, you have to make sure that you weren't being the toxic teammate to start with.


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