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Disney Illusion Island : A Mickey Mouse Metroidvania but with no combat

Disney Illusion Island is a cooperative 2D adventure platformer where you join Mickey & Friends on a quest to explore the mysterious islands of Monoth and recover three mystical books to save the world from disaster. As much as the game is heavily influenced by combat-focused Metroidvania, the devs decide to not include any combat encounters, which is quite a break from the tradition.

The game will feature a new and original storyline, engaging gameplay and delightful hand-drawn art style. Each character would have the same abilities, although there will be difference in animation, so players can freely select their favorite character.

Players can team up with up to 3 friends via local/couch co-op to unlock special team skills such as Rope Drop, Leap Frog and a heart gifting Hug to pave their way through the adventure.

[Source: Nintendo]

Disney Illusion Island is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2023 and is now available for pre-order.


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