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Discord Now Has Mobile Screenshare

Discord’s screenshare functionality has been a part of the desktop version of the platform for about three years. After a period of testing, Discord is now rolling out the screenshare feature on mobile.

Screensharing on mobile will work with DMs, group DMs and voice channels, with users being able to video chat and screenshare at the same time. Streams will support up to 50 viewers at a time, which includes the streamer themselves. PC Gamer reports that there will be high framerate and low latency optimization as well.

There are some limitations to take note of, however. Currently, screensharing is supported on Android 5 and higher, while audiosharing requires Android 10 and higher. IOS 12 and iPad devices get neither for now, although the FAQ says that the Discord team is “working on adding support in the future” for both. There will also be some apps that won’t work with screenshare and audioshare, such as Netflix and Spotify.

In addition, the FAQ notes that mobile screenshare is still being rolled out, so not all compatible devices may have it yet. You can check out the FAQ here.


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