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Discord Downloads Soar Thanks To "Among Us"

Discord downloads have increased thanks to the recent popularity of online game Among Us.

According to a blog post by analytics company Apptopia, Discord hit almost 800,000 downloads on 27 September. The post said that the numbers rapidly increased one to two weeks after Among Us took off in August. Before that, Discord’s all-time download peak was around 400,000, which it achieved after the COVID-19 pandemic set in.

“You might remember that at the onset of the pandemic, Discord and other game associated chat/streaming apps starting gaining new users like gangbusters,” said the post. "Discord had hockey stick like growth and reached a new record for single day downloads. That increase pales in comparison to the one brought on by this game. Discord has been hitting a new lifetime high for mobile app downloads every day since September 5th.”

The increase in numbers isn't a total surprise. After all, Discord being used by gamers for voice-chatting isn't new, and Among Us' premise - which involves crew members trying to repair their ship while imposters try to kill them - makes communication a necessity. Plus, Among Us doesn't have in-game voice chat.

Apptopia also noted that most of the downloads for both Discord and Among Us came from the United States. Since 1 August, 18.8% of Among Us downloads and 21.5% of Discord downloads came from that country, they said. As of 27 September, Among US had been downloaded more than 3.5 million times. That sure is one popular game, eh?


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