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Diablo Immortal Player Spends 100k, Can’t Even Find Matches

A Diablo Immortal player who spent over USD 100k (RM445k) on the game is now unable to matchmake with PvP opponents.

Youtuber jtisallbusiness spent that money on the game’s pay-to-win mechanics to build one of the strongest characters in the game to effortlessly defeat other players.

However, this has resulted in jtisallbusiness having an extremely high PvP win rate that it can no longer find opponents. He said that he spends “48 to 72 hours” queueing for matches and cannot find any.

I honestly feel no remorse for anyone who spends that much money on a game. While it may be his money, spending such an exuberant amount just to beat other players in an online game is pitiful.


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