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Destiny 2 Releases Solstice of Heroes Event Trailer

Destiny 2 has received a new trailer for the upcoming Solstice of Heroes event, which will run from July 6 to August 3.

The event will sport various features and activities, including class-specific Solstice armour, Bosses to face and caches to unlock in the European Aerial Zone, and new rewards including a Legendary Shotgun, Exotic Ghost Shell, emblem, and Solstice Packages.

Completing the event’s introductory journey will result in an emblem being rewarded, while getting the last Solstice armour set will make the exclusive 2021 Solstice of Heroes shirt available for purchase. The event will also offer universal ornaments for Legendary armour that match your subclass with their glow, along with new ships, Sparrows, and cosmetics to obtain.

Additionally, there’s a daily challenge that involves players matching their attacks to the day’s element to charge one of four elemental buffs. On so-called Prism days, players can charge all four buffs, although they can’t activate more than one at a time.

You can check out the event page here, and watch the trailer below:


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