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Deathloop PS5 Gameplay Video Shows Off Free-form Murder

A new PS5 gameplay video for Arkane’s upcoming timeloop FPS Deathloop has been released, showing off a nice chunk of free-form stealth-action gameplay.

Deathloop’s Dishonoured DNA has always been noticeable, but it’s even more apparent in the new video, which sees protagonist Colt making his way to a tightly-guarded party to assassinate one of his targets. We get to see open environments with multiple routes and also various ways of dealing with enemies thanks to the variety of weapons and powers, although the gameplay video is heavier on chaotic violence and shooting rather than sneakiness.

Aside from a variety of guns and the Blink-like Shift, the video shows off a hacking gadget, bombs, an ability that sends enemies flying horizontally or vertically, and Rewind, which gives Colt a second chance at life without sending him back to the start of the loop.

There are also some interesting conversational exchanges between Colt and Julianna, one of Colt’s targets. Julianna will show up to stop Colt from carrying out his plan of breaking the time loop on the island they’re on, and while the trailer only provides a glimpse of what fighting her will be like, it definitely doesn’t seem easy. And that’s without counting the fact that Julianna can be controlled by another player.

Deathloop will be released on PS5 and PC on September 14.


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