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Dead Space remake gameplay teaser will be unveil soon

The messages have been decoded by the Dead Space community

The development team behind the upcoming reboot of the horror shooter Dead Space known as Motive, has just started tweeting fragments of a suspicious QR ARG code message. However, according to Dusk Golem, the ARG has already been cracked, and it has been revealed that a new gameplay trailer will be released on October 4th along with some other rather interesting things.

The fairly short but scary footage of Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of Dead Space, fighting off a Necromorph, one of the undead creatures that live on the spacecraft USG Ishimura where the game's events take place, is shown in the teaser.

On the other hand, the developers want to keep close to the original game while also adding a variety of improvements and new features for players to explore, according to a blog post published recently by EA and Motive. The Dead Space Remake will be "one consecutive shot," according to the devs, and there won't be any loading screens unless the player dies.


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