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Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Set to Release On September 2024!

CAPCOM has officially shared new information and footages regarding the upcoming Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster which will be releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on September 19th 2024. Also, physical releases for the game will arrive from November 2024 onwards.

In regards to some of the improvements made to the remastered version of the would be that it will come in 4K and 60 FPS while also improving the quality-of-life improvements such as being able to moving while aiming. Furthermore, there will also be an auto-save feature and enhanced UI. There will also be real-time lighting with shadow effects, to instill different appearances based on the locations and during the time of day.

Fans will also be happy to know that the game will feature full-voiced acting in nine different languages and 14 different text subtitles.

The voice-acted languages are as follows:

  • English

  • Latin American Spanish

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • French

  • Italian

  • German

  • Castilian Spanish

  • Russian

The subtitled language support will feature the following alongside the dubbed languages:

  • Traditional Chinese

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Polish

  • Arabic

  • Korean

If you pre-order the game you will be able to get several in-game items:

  • Costume: Frank West 2006 (Dead Rising) BGM: “Dreams of Yore (Mall Music 2 arranged)”

  • Costume: Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2) BGM: “Super Shopper” (Dead Rising 2)

  • Costume: Willamette Parkview Mall Bee (Dead Rising) BGM: “Happy Flight! (Mall Music 6 arranged)”

Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe edition will feature 17 costumes for Frank and 17 BGM tracks for the shopping mall. Additionally, the following will be provided:

  • Costumes & BGM: Willamette Parkview Mall Pack

  • Costumes & BGM: Resident Evil Heroes Pack

  • Costumes & BGM: Resident Evil Villains Pack

  • Costumes & BGM: Mega Man Pack

  • Costumes & BGM: Capcom Fighters Pack

You'll be able to pre-purchase Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster on Steam for RM187 while you can pre-purchase the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster Digital Deluxe for RM225.

The first Dead Rising was released in 2006, as it followed the protagonist, Frank West, who dealt with a zombie infestation in a shopping mall in Colorado. Discovering the truth about the outbreak and overcoming it. Furthermore, the game also features multiple endings that depend on the players in-game actions.


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