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DayZ devs announced the latest RTS/FPS hybrid game "Silica" for PC, will launch as Early Access soon

Bohemia Interactive is the studio behind popular military simulation games such as DayZ and the Arma series. This time, they will be launching a brand-new game with real-time strategy and a first-person shooting hybrid game titled "Silica". You may find the announcement trailer below:

"Silica" will be offering three gameplay modes including Strategy mode, where players build, harvest, and attack their enemies with a combined playstyle of RTS and FPS in up to three-way conflict; Prospector mode, you may play in singleplayer or multiplayer in this mode and you're tasked to explore the area in search of the Balterium; and Arena mode, 32 players in a "crazy" and "unbalanced FPS free-for-all"

"Silica" will launch on Steam "soon" and will remain in Early Access for 9~12 months with several major updates planned throughout the year.

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