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Counter-Strike 2 Might Be Heading to The Mobile Platform According to Recently Leaked Codes.

Counter-Strike 2 currently has a limited playtest for CSGO players who are granted access by playing CSGO. Counter-Strike 2 is set to release this Summer as Valve also released some information about the upcoming most-anticipated FPS game which you can find here.

However, a leaker Aquarius has shared some data mining info about Counter-Strike 2, suggesting that it might be coming to mobile.

The screenshots show that the game had commands attributed to the mobile version which are the instructions for FPS during charging and touch. Though, some users also point out that the strings and console commands might be leftovers from other games.

Anyhow, Aquarius also mentioned that the Source 2 engine supports iOS and Android, meaning that Valve can directly work on a mobile port and optimize it for mobile without having to create a separate engine. What do you think about this speculation?

Source: Insider Gaming

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