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Corsair Releases New Colourways for the Virtuoso Series Wireless Headsets

As far as gaming headsets go, Corsair's Virtuoso series are some of the most luxe-looking wireless headsets you'll find. We've previously reviewed the Corsair Virtuoso before, so if you want more details you can click the link above.

The sole purpose of this post is to inform you that the Virtuoso and Virtuoso SEs have each gained 1 new colourway - and boy, they look gorgeous.

Corsair has kindly gifted us the Virtuoso SE in 'Espresso', aptly named after its coffee-brown leatherette headband and earcups.

We must say that the brown looks much more attractive and dignified in real life, as opposed to the promotional images that picture it as a musty-looking reddish brown reminiscent of your grandfather's favourite armchair.

It looks strangely photoshopped on

Meanwhile, the non-SE Virtuoso has also received a new colourway - 'Pearl', which is basically the White Virtuoso with gold instead of silver accents. In my opinion, this combo looks amazing.

Unfortunately, we didn't receive a unit of this so that's why you'll see the picture below is of some random model and not one of us Salty aunties *ahem*

If you've been planning to get a Virtuoso or Virtuoso SE but haven't managed to pick one up yet, you can consider one of these new colours - they're priced the same as the original colourways, so you won't have to worry about paying a premium for it.

The Corsair Virtuoso is available in White, Carbon, and Pearl at US$179.99 (RM747), while the Corsair Virtuoso SE is available in Gunmetal and Espresso at US$209.99 (RM871).


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