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Cooler Master Unveils New GD Series Gaming Desks

Cooler Master has recently unveiled a series of gaming desks, including the GD160, GD120 ARGB, and GD160 ARGB.


The vanilla GD160 is built durable and won't easily dent or dip. Despite its tiny size, it has a rear steel tray to hide cables and adapters to keep the desk clean and neat. The entire desk surface is also a mouse pad, which is water-resistant. it comes in a unique table shape that's designed to offer enhanced ergonomics like the belly trim to reduce the distance between the body and desk center.


The GD160 ARGB is equipped with a dual motor-powered leg setup for you to adjust its height up to 50cm. It comes with 2 sides of ARGB lighting stripes on the front and back and has a button for users to change multiple lighting modes via the MasterPlus+ software. It also has a rear steel tray to keep the desk from being messy.


The GD120 ARGB is a versatile gaming desk with ARGB lighting stripes, which can be customized via the MasterPlus+ software. Like its siblings, it also has a rear steel tray to hide messy cables and adapters.

The new Cooler Master GD series gaming desks are now available at:

  • GD120 ARGB - RM1,399

  • GD160 ARGB - RM3,499

  • GD160 - RM1,199


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