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Cooler Master Launches the MM730 and MM731 Gaming Mice

Today, Cooler Master announced a series of new lightweight gaming mice - the MM730 and MM731 - weighing less than 60g.

The MM730 and MM731 feature pure PTFE feet for superior glide, and an ultraweave cable for reduced dragging and snagging. There's a grip tape included in the box, which you can apply on the mice if you have sweaty palms for a tighter grip. They are also equipped with a pro-grade optical sensor with an adjustable dpi of up to 19,000 and optical switches for improved durability and responsiveness.

While the MM730 is a wired mouse, the MM731 is its wireless version that supports a 2.4GHz dongle and Bluetooth connection. With the dongle, it has a battery life of 72 hours and via Bluetooth, it can last for 190 hours of usage.

The MM730 retails for RM169 while the MM731 costs RM239.


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