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Cooler Master Announces Orb X Workstation

Cooler Master has announced a fancy-looking workstation called the Orb X, which offers a semi-enclosed desk space within a “fully automated motorized shuttle dome”.

The Orb X is able to support up to three 27-inch monitors or a single 49-inch monitor with its screen mounts. The workstation offers a 2.1 immersive sound system with speakers “housed directly” in it.

Image source: Cooler Master

Cooler Master also says that the game pod provides an ergonomic recliner with an adjustable head rest, lumbar support, and a footrest. There’s also a hidden compartment that has a built-in sliding tray that can be used for a PC rig or a console.

A Cooler Master representative told Tom’s Hardware that the Orb X will probably cost somewhere between $12,000 (~RM50,304) and $14,000 (~RM58,688). It’s also “expected” to hit the US in December, with no mention of an international release.


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