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Computex 2023: Tap Into GIGABYTE AORUSVERSE With Its WINDFORCE Tech Innovation

GIGABYTE is bringing its latest consumer products and creator-focused AERO lineup, as well as tech innovations to COMPUTEX 2023, including WINDFORCE Bionic Shark Fan, WINDFORCE Infinity Cooling System, Power Efficiency, and CNC Milling Technology.

WINDFORCE Bionic Shark Fan

GIGABYTE AORUS features the new Bionic Shark Fans that reduce the noise level by up to 3dB with the bionic surfacing design, which also increases static pressure by up to 30% with the new fan blades on the AORUS GeForce RTX4090 MASTER 24G graphics card.

The Bionic Shark Fan is not just a name, it is an optimized fan blade design inspired by the sharks' dermal denticles which provide significant advantages in fluid dynamics. Therefore, AORUS implemented the Bionic shark fans on its RTX4090 MASTER 24G to reduce noise level and increase static pressure.

WINDFORCE Infinity Technology

In this case, the AORUS 17X (2023) gaming laptop is equipped with the WINDFORCE Infinity Cooling System to ensure that waste heat doesn't pile up in the chassis thanks to its large vapor chamber that covers the high-efficiency components such as CPU and GPU.

The larger vapor chamber can accommodate more working fluid to quickly uniform temperature distribution with up to 35% cooling efficiency to deliver a cool and steady performance for gamers.

Power Efficiency

The AORUS 16 Gaming Laptop is paired with a gallium nitride power adaptor that is both lighter and more efficient than traditional 280W adapters with a 40% reduction in size. Additionally, it also comes with fast charging support that can juice up the AORUS 16 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

CNC Milling Technology

Every AERO laptop chassis is put together by a top-tier CNC Milling process that involves 88 complicated operations over 336 hours to create a super-thin, feather-light weighted, and extremely durable product. Hence, the AERO Creator laptop - AERO 16 OLED (2023) is one of the laptops that brings together exquisite design and performance to the creators.


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