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Computex 2023: Everything MSI Showcase at the Computex 2023

As the leader in gaming, content creation, business, and productivity, MSI is now all geared up with various types of products lineup to dominate the world's largest computer and technology showcase event - Computex 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan. Here is a summary of the products that make an appearance at the MSI's booth.

MSI Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsports

MSI is taking the gaming experience to another ultimate luxury gaming experience by partnering with Mercedes-AMG Motorsports. The MSI Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsports A13V is powered by the top Intel 13th Gen i9 processors alongside the latest GeForce RTX 4070 discrete Laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6 to deliver unparalleled performance to MSI fans.

It sports a gorgeous OLED 4K+ 16-inch display with a resolution of 3840 x 2400 and a 16:10 aspect ratio to deliver the widest viewing experience on the MSI Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport A13V as well as a Dynaudio six-speaker system providing the ultimate audio-visual experience.

MSI Raider GE68

The MSI Raider GE68 is a game-changer in RGB lighting. It comes with all-new cutting-edge technologies and matrix lighting aesthetics, making the Raider GE68 an extraordinary gaming laptop that catches everyone's eye at first glimpse.

Aside from the matrix lightbar design on the chassis, the Raider GE68 keyboard somehow adds more "gaming" sense to the laptop by using translucent keycaps on the WASD keys and the power button, and a "musical game-like" arrow keys design.

For hardware-wise, it is indeed equipped with up to Intel Core i9-13980HX processors and up to GeForce RTX4090 16GB GPU to deliver desktop performance to all MSI enthusiasts.

MSI Stealth Studio 14

Of course, the MSI Award-winning Laptops like the MSI Stealth Studio 14 make their way to the Computex 2023. The Stealth Studio 14 is like a "sleeper-type" laptop with minimal fancy RGB lighting on its overall appearance and design, yet it is a powerful laptop that delivers the best performance despite its slim size.

The MSI Stealth Studio 14 is powered by up to Intel's 13th Gen i7-13700H processors, built for multitasking and running demanding games. Additionally, the Stealth Studio 14 is also equipped with multiple business privacy protection like Webcam Shutter and Windows Hello.

Aside from productivity, there's no worry about the MSI Stealth Studio 14 will fall short when it comes to entertainment. That said, the Stealth Studio 14 boasts its per-key RGB gaming keyboard by Steelseries and the world-class sound system Dynaudio to provide an immersive experience while gaming and listening to music.

MSI Commercial 14 H Evo

When it comes to business-type laptops, I would say the MSI Commercial 14 H Evo is the most secure machine for the home office. From NFC to a built-in Smart Card reader, the Commercial 14 H Evo ensures that no stranger could access your device without verifications.

Aside from that, MSI also contributes to environmental protection by building Commercial 14's keyboard deck with recycled material called "PCR" and over 90% of the packaging consists of recycled paper.

MSI B650M - Project Zero

MSI got every white PC build enthusiast covered with the new Project Zero motherboard, MSI B650M. As you can see, Project Zero tends to eliminate every inch of cable at the front of the motherboard by moving the power interface and all to the back of the board, allowing a cleaner look and more pleasing cable management.


The GODLIKE label isn't new to gamers and extreme overclockers - and the MEG Z790 GODLIKE provides top-tier, class-leading performance once again. It won the prestigious Computex 2023 Best Choice Award, as well as Best Choice of the Year and the Golden Award.

The MEG Z790 GODLIKE's 26+2 Phases and powerful 105A Smart Power Stages enable serious overclocking and gaming on even the most demanding 13th Generation Intel Core CPUs.

MSI MEG Z790 Ace Max

One of the new Z790 Max models from MSI would be the MSI Z790 Ace Max. The Z790 Ace Max motherboard will feature a Thunderbolt 4 and have the most modern power system, including MSI's 24 Duet Rail power technology. Besides, the motherboard also adds Wi-Fi 7 and 5 Gb Ethernet LAN compatibility.


The SPATIUM M570 PRO PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 FROZR features a top-tier PCIe Gen 5 controller technology with MSI's passive thermal cooling design for efficient airflow passthrough under a stylish dual-finished cover, unleashing phenomenal transfer rates in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities for professionals, content creators, and gamers, with read/write speeds of up to 12000/10000 MB/s.

The SPATIUM M570 Pro Frozr and Frozr+ will be available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities when they launch in Q3 2023.

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