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Codashop Invites Players to "Hunt Down" Influencers in the Bounty Hunters Guild Event

Codashop will be hosting the Codashop Bounty Hunters Guild event this month across five countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and India, featuring 50 of its influencers streaming and hosting sessions over three weekends for gamers to play against them. Players will be able to team up as a Guild in the games to hunt down each influencer to unlock rewards, with more than 4000 battle passes for grabs.

The most wanted influencer list will be announced on 18 October, and local celebrities like Daddy Hood, Cherizawa, Ffroody, MinORu, and 8bit MAMBA, will have bounties placed on them. They will suit up in the most exclusive skins and hide in games, including Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Ragnarok X, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and VALORANT.

Players must track down the influencers and get a close-up screenshot of the rare skin or weapon to be submitted here. Battle passes will be unlocked when the Guilds have collected enough screenshots.

The Bounty Hunters Guild will end with the Grand Challenge, seeing a lucky player from each country take over the role of an influencer and have their experiences played out on social media.


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