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Codashop Announces Partnership with Bosskurr

Global top-up website Codashop has joined forces with renowned Malaysian esports organisation Bosskurr, with the latter being represented by Soloz, Daddy Hood, and Obot Gaming. The trio of streamers and influencers boast a formidable following of 7.5 million collectively, cementing their place as some of Malaysia's top gaming figureheads.

“Codashop is honoured to work with Bosskurr! This partnership demonstrates Codashop’s ambition to provide the best top-up experience in Malaysia, it reinforces our efforts to grow and support the local esports and gaming communities.”

- Narishvin Sukumaran, Coda Payments Country Manager for Malaysia

The trio will be promoting Codashop exclusively on their social media channels, as well as joining Codashop's monthly esports tournaments - the Codashop Global Series (CGS) - to engage with their fans and viewers. Expect more Codashop promotions and campaigns for PUBG Mobile, Valorant, and League of Legends: Wild Rift soon, which will be available on both Bosskurr and Codashop Malaysia's social media platforms.


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