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Chromebook Gets Phone Hub and More for its 10th Birthday

With the Chromebook turning 10, Google is introducing new features to Chromebook devices, including the Phone Hub for interactions between Android phones and Chromebooks.

As described in a blog post, Phone Hub allows users to perform tasks like responding to texts and checking a phone’s battery life on a Chromebook. Users can also check their phones’ cellular signal and location, or turn on hotspot. Additionally, Phone Hub can show your phone’s last-opened Chrome tabs.

For other interactivity features, Google is introducing Nearby Share to allow for file-sharing, without needing to share contact details, between Chromebooks and other Android or Chrome OS devices. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi Sync will work with more devices, and Chromebooks will “automatically connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks you’ve used on your Android phone and other Chrome OS devices when signed in with the same Google Account“.

Image source: Google

The Chromebook will also receive a new Screen Capture tool situated in the Quick Settings menu, the ability for parents to immediately add a school account when setting up a new device with their kid’s Google account, a new Clipboard that saves the last five copied items, and Quick Answers, which “automatically offers helpful information — like a definition, a translation or unit conversion — when you right-click a word”.

Meanwhile, existing features will get a boost, with file-sharing to take fewer steps and Desks enabling all windows to be restored to their prior desks upon rebooting.

You can get the full run-down here.

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