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Chrome Incognito tab will requires fingerprint access on Android

A way to hide your private browsing session tabs from the others that using your device.

A "Privacy Screen" that needs Touch or Face ID verification was added to several Google apps on iOS in 2020. For now on, your Incognito tabs can now be locked behind your fingerprint in Chrome for Android to protect the tabs from someone else using their phone.

When you have Incognito tabs open, exiting Chrome will instantly lock those pages behind fingerprint authentication.

(image source: RON AMADEO)

But it doesn't happen on its own. To lock Incognito tabs when you leave Chrome, go to the app's Privacy and Security settings and look for the new option. You might need to wait a few days if you can't find the feature right away because, according to 9TO5Google, it hasn't been introduced yet. However, you can enable it right now with the following Chrome flag on recent versions of Android: chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android

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