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China Authorities Sued Tencent Over WeChat's "Youth Mode"

Chinese tech giant Tencent is getting sued by authorities in Beijing for violating laws protecting minors with the "youth mode" on WeChat (via Reuters). However, the lawsuit didn't explain how the feature allegedly violates the law.

In youth mode, WeChat forbids the youngsters functions like mobile payments, finding nearby friends, as well as access to certain games. Tencent has not made any comments on the lawsuit but will set restrictions for its young Honor of Kings players. The new restriction introduced by Tencent limits players under 18 to play only 1 hour on regular days and 2 hours on public holidays.

Many believe that the lawsuit to be part of the country's broader crackdown on its largest tech companies like Tencent, Alibaba, and Didi, slapping them with antitrust fines and temporary app bans.


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