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Catch Your Favourite Streamer on MSI's 'Streamer of Tomorrow' Campaign in August

Curious to see what kind of PCs your favourite streamers use? Then don't forget to catch PindaPanda, NMPLol, Orslok, NukemDukem, and UmiNoKaiju on MSI's 'Streamer of Tomorrow' campaign taking place throughout August.

Every week in August, the aforementioned streamers will take turns to complete challenges and showcase their MSI AMD B550 streaming PC to their livestream audiences. You can also support your favourite streamer by voting for their PC, earning them a chance to take the featured PC home!

MSI B550 motherboards offer a wide range of benefits, including the power and stability required to handle heavy multitasking like livestreaming, the latest connectivity

interfaces like PCI-E 4.0 slots and front-panel USB type-C support, and the latest network standards like 2.5 Gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi 6 along with MSI software to ensure the best

4K streaming experience.

For more information, you may visit this website.


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