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Catch the First Ever MLBB All Star Showmatch on 21 November

Love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Then you don't want to miss this! The first ever MLBB All Star showmatch will commence this 21 November at 7pm, and will star well-known artists like Naim Daniel and Shalma Eliana. Popular streamers and influencers like Soloz and Penjahat have also been invited to the battlefield.

On Team Naim will be Naim himself, along with Penjahat, Feekz, Le Josette and Masterramen. In Shalma's corner are Soloz, Xom, Fiera Fendi, and Fattahzie.

Apart from witnessing an epic MLBB battle, viewers also have the chance to snag up to 5 million gift codes, including some of the most valuable Legend skins in the game, such as Alucard Obsidian Blade, Gord the Conqueror, and Gusion Cosmic Gleam. There will also be a cosplay show happening on the livestream, so if you're a fan of cosplay culture, don't miss out!

Finally, Naim Daniel and Shalma Eliana have also teamed up to create a brand-new theme song titled 'Bring It On' especially for this event. You may listen to it below:

You can catch the livestream on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's official social media platforms as well as live on Astro Arena and eGG Network on 21 November, 7pm.


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