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Call Of Duty Zombies Fan Creates Human Perk-a-Cola Art

A creative Call of Duty Zombies fan decided to create a unique project of designing human versions of the iconic Perk-a-Colas.

Reddit user CoolingRiver shared various artworks on their profile of how they thought human versions of the perk drinks would look like.

Dubbed “Perk-a-Sonas”, the designs are based on the designs of the Perk-a-Cola vending machine and their theme songs.

One example of this is the Mule Kick perk, which has a Mexican machine design and song. The human artwork gives Mule Kick a poncho and three guns, a nod to the function of the perk.

Many in the Call of Duty Zombies community responded well to CoolingRiver’s work and praised them for their creativity.


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