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Borderlands 3 is free on EGS! Epic MEGA Sale on now until June 16th!

Free this week on Epic Games Store is looter-shooter game, Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 is Epic’s first free game during their Epic MEGA Sale which starts from now until June 16th, 2022. Four games will be given away free during this period, one each Thursday until the end of the sale.

Looter-shooter, Borderlands 3, is the first game to be given away free during the Epic MEGA Sale. Make sure you claim it before it goes away next week.

Speaking of the Epic Mega Sale, outside of the discounts already shown on the site. An additional 25% Epic coupon is automatically applied to eligible transactions at checkout and you get another coupon each time you complete an eligible transaction. So make sure to check the T&C as you do your shopping.

25% coupon added on for those games that are eligible for the discount.

Here are some of the discounts that are being offered during the sale.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - RM151.20 (-20%)

Ghostwire: Tokyo - RM118.79 (-34%)

Far Cry 6 Standard Edition - RM94.50 (-50%)


Sifu - RM61.64 (-10%)

Back 4 Blood: Standard Edition - RM102.50 (-50%)

HITMAN 3 - RM97.50 (-50%)

Disco Elysium - RM21.69 (-65%)

Check out more discounts on their website.


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