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Bleak Faith: Forsaken launches March 10

Action RPG Bleak Faith: Forsaken will launch for PC via Steam and GOG on March 10, developer Archangel Studios announced.

Here's overview of the game, via Archangel Studios:

【About】 The brutal action RPG will task players with exploring an unrelenting, interconnected world inhabited by fierce creatures and astonishing bosses. Push beyond all limitations, and a narrow victory may be within reach.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken features a purposeful combat system catered to all playstyles. Positioning, timing, and resource-management all must be balanced in order to find success, but how players undertake each encounter is their decision alone. Whether it’s taking down enemies from the shadows with a pair of daggers, aiming down sights to rain arrows from the skies, or even climbing the backs of giants and bosses with a sword in hand, the in-depth class and perks system encourages a versatile approach to combat with no limitations.

Traverse the atmospheric lands of the Omnistructure and put valor to the test. Uncover a forgotten history through the lens of a lost civilization while exploring an expansive, handcrafted world. The Omnistructure is tremendous, and there is no singular path leading to the ultimate goal. Run, leap, and ascend uncharted environments, and prepare to face what lies at the end of each road.

Prepare to die and try again.

【Key Features】 → Rich exploration across a handcrafted, interconnected world. Run, leap, and ascend across the Omnistructure.

→ The balance between positioning, timing, and resource management creates a purposeful, yet brutal combat system.

→ Hundreds of unique weapons and equipment to discover and combine as you see fit, nothing is obsolete.

→ In-depth class and perk system offering an expansive combat experience.

→ No limitations to how enemies can be approached.

→ Large bosses and enemies are climbable.

→ Sensational boss encounters set within ravishing arenas to the backdrop of sweeping scores.

Die and try again.


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