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Black Shark Launches a Carry Case and the 'Knight Grey' Version of the BS3 Pro

I would love to rep both on the streets.

If you've always loved Black Shark products' aesthetics, get ready to add more to your collection as Black Shark launches two new products - the Black Shark Gaming Case and Black Shark 3 Pro Knight Grey variant.

The Black Shark Gaming Case is designed to provide protection for your gaming gadgets from dust, dirt and water. It has a non-slip handle and also a detachable shoulder strap for carrying it around. It fits your Black Shark phone, Black Shark FunCooler, Black Shark Quick Charge power bank and the Black Shark Gamepad. You can replace these accessories with your own, but the don't expect such a snug fit though!

The Black Shark gaming case retails at RM129.90, but you can get it for cheap at RM89.90 (with free Black Shark accessories) during the Black Shark 3 Pro Knight Grey promo before 25 July.

The Black Shark 3 Pro Knight Grey colourway is also available for pre-order, and the specifications are that of the Black Shark 3 PRO: 256GB of internal storage, 12GB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, 64MP camera, 5MP bokeh camera, 13MP ultra-wide camera, 90Hz refresh rate, and 5000mAh battery. It comes with a Gamepad 2.0, Gamepad Holder 3.0 and 1-year screen protection. The standard retail price of the Black Shark 3 Pro Knight Grey is RM4,199.00, but for a limited time (and subject to stock availability), you can get your hands on it for only RM3,899.00 on their Shopee store.


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