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BenQ's New ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp Comes with a Remote Control

On the heels of their surprisingly effective ScreenBar e-Reading lamp, BenQ has launched the ScreenBar Plus, a brand-new variant that offers the same perks with a small addition. Unlike the previous ScreenBar's touchscreen controls, the ScreenBar Plus comes with a wired remote control.

“The ongoing pandemic has normalized remote working and learning on a large scale, resulting in an increase in average screen time for both adult and young digital consumers. The launch of BenQ’s GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and Monitor Light ScreenBar Plus in Malaysia is paving the way for new concepts of home productivity and entertainment setups while safeguarding consumers’ eye health.”

- Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific

With the new norm that involves working and learning from home most of the time, it's imperative that consumers invest in a good setup that protects their eye health. With users spending an average 5.7 hours each day in front of the screen, inconsistent lighting can lead to eye strain as our pupils expand and contract according to the lighting conditions.

BenQ's ScreenBars are monitor-mounted desk lamps that intelligently illuminate your workspace via a built-in light sensor. Users can also automatically adjust the brightness and temperature to their liking. Apart from providing the optimum amount of illumination at all times, the ScreenBars also save desk space and prevents screen glare with its precisely angled design.

The new BenQ ScreenBar Plus retails at RM828, while the BenQ ScreenBar retails at RM599. For the latter, you can check out our written review, or our video below:


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