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BenQ Announces New MOBIUZ Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

BenQ has announced the 2021 line-up of its MOBIUZ gaming monitors - the EX3415R - featuring intelligent HDRi technology and purpose-built treVolo speakers for an immersive gaming experience.

The EX3415R series comes with HDRi technology, which employs a discretely integrated light sensor to detect ambient light levels and analyse on-screen content for detailed HDR images. The technology provides clarity and contrast to reveal subtle shades in dark areas of the screen while preventing overexposure in bright areas.

The built-in speakers are customed for MOBIUZ by the treVolo audio team, offering high-end audio to complement the visuals. The audio system is able to harmonise five sound indicators: resolution, positioning, sound field, balance, and fidelity.

With its proprietary Light Tuner's 20 colour settings, the MOBIUZ monitors can cater to gamers of different genres, variable refresh rate technology to remove motion tear and stutter, and Black eQualizer for brightening up dark corners and shadows in games.

The Scenario Mapping feature can auto-select users' preferred settings when the input source is switched. Other gaming enhancements include Quick OSD presets and a 5-way navigator joystick, AI noise-cancelling microphones, and remote controls on selected models.

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX3415R will be available at official stores on Lazada and Shopee, retailing for RM4,688. BenQ also offers a 3-year warranty and on-site pickup service.


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