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Battlefield 1 Free on Amazon Prime Gaming

Battlefield 1 is currently up for grabs for Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers, with the World War 1 shooter to be free until August 1. August 2 will see World War 2 follow-up Battlefield V taking over the giveaway slot.

2016’s Battlefield 1 and 2018’s Battlefield V marked the franchise’s first return to non-modern era settings since 2010’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion. Battlefield 1 was also notable for taking place during World War 1, an era not commonly explored in games and a first for the series. Meanwhile, Battlefield V was the series’ first return to World War 2 after 2009’s console-only Battlefield 1943.

Aside from delivering the series’ trademark large-scale multiplayer, both games featured a single-player campaign comprised of War Stories, which provided different scenarios with different perspectives. Battlefield V also had a battle royale mode called Firestorm.

The giveaways come ahead of the October release of Battlefield 2042, which will have neither single-player nor a battle royale mode. Battlefield 2042 will bring the series back to a more modern setting, although it'll also have a Battlefield Portal mode where players can mix World War 2 and modern elements for custom game modes.

You can find Amazon Prime Gaming’s Battlefield 1 giveaway page here.


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