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Attack on Titan is Coming to Free Fire

Free Fire is certainly on a roll when it comes to high-profile collaborations with popular franchises. After recently teaming up with DJ KSHMR and One Punch Man, Garena has now sought out notable Japanese anime series Attack on Titan as its next partnership.

"Free Fire players can soon battle in the style of one of the world’s most captivating modern dark fantasy anime – Attack on Titan. The series has captured the imagination of many worldwide with its unique and immersive narratives; we’re excited to bring this over into the world of Free Fire.”

- Harold Teo, Free Fire Producer at Garena

Players can expect Attack on Titan-themed content and cosmetics, including outfits bearing the colours of the Survey Corps division as well as Titan-inspired costumes. There will also be exclusive gun skins and other in-game items and collectibles.

For the latest info on the Free Fire x Attack on Titan crossover event, stay tuned to Free Fire's official Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels.


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