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ASUS Teases Zenfone 8 Ahead of May 13 Reveal

ASUS has dropped some teasers of the Zenfone 8, which is set to be revealed on May 13 at 1AM UTC+8.

Marketed as “Big on Performance. Compact in Size’, the Zenfone 8’s most recent teaser on Twitter hinted at the presence of more than one 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone, while an earlier teaser revealed a punch hole camera and suggested a higher refresh rate than its Zenfone 7 predecessor’s 90Hz. Another teaser seemed to hint that the Zenfone 8 will be powered by the Snapdragon 888.

In March, XDA Developers reported that it had learned that there may be three Zenfone 8 phones, all powered by the Snapdragon 888. According to the report, one of the Zenfone 8s, codenamed “SAKE”, would have a 5.92” Full HD+ OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 64MP main camera. Another, codenamed “PICASSO”, would have a 6.67” OLED panel and a 64MP main camera. The third, “VODKA”, did not have much information on it.

XDA Developers’ findings match an earlier leak from @reameizu (via Notebookcheck), which mentioned a 120Hz refresh rate and IMX686 and IMX663 rear cameras for the “SAKE” and IMX686, IMX363, and OV08A rear cameras for the “PICASSO”.

March also saw an accidental reference to a Zenfone 8 Flip by Google (via 9to5Google) via a support document update. The reference to the phone has since been taken down.


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