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ASUS ROG Unveils World's First RTX40 Series with Liquid Metal Cooling: ROG Matrix GeForce RTX4090

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX4090 graphics card, which offers the highest out-of-the-box boost clocks of any RTX4090 in the world by the reason of the liquid metal thermal compound on the graphics card.

Built with a custom-engineered cold plate that captures heat from the RTX4090 GPU die, VRMs, and memory chips to allow room for higher clock speed. Besides, the liquid metal also produces much lower temperatures in contrast to traditional thermal pastes.

ASUS has ensured that the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 can leverage the incredible thermal transfer inherent in liquid metal by applying a UV resin above the surface-mounted capacitors that border the GPU die, and then adding two additional protective layers between the die and the main PCB.

Aside from that, the ROG Matric GeForce RTX4090 eliminates the need for an auxiliary fan as it makes contact with all of the heat-producing components on the PCB, allowing the 360mm radiator to breeze the entire card on its own to keep the RTX4090 running at peak efficiency at all times.

As a flagship graphics card, the ROG Matrix RTX4090 features a Dual BIOS switch that allows users to switch between Quiet and Performance modes seamlessly. And for pricing and availability, the ROG Matrix RTX4090 will be on the shelf in Q3/2023. Meanwhile, you may check out more information about the ROG Matrix RTX4090 here.


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