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ASUS Announces Three RTX 3060 GPUs

ASUS has announced three of its own takes on the recently-released RTX 3060, in the form of the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3060, TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3060, and ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3060. The ROG Strix version offers three ASUS Axial-tech fans in a shroud with metal accents. The fan hub is more compact to allow longer fan blades, and there are also full-height barrier rings to boost static pressure. Additional cooling and heat management features include a heatsink that takes up the majority of the card’s 2.7-slot footprint, MaxContact technology, a wide backplate vent, and a shortened PCB. Fan tuning is provided via FanConnect II headers and an onboard Dual BIOS switch.

For power-related features, the ROG Strix RTX3060 has Super Alloy Power II components, FanConnect II headers, and an onboard voltage-sensing circuit. A red LED will be lit when there is a power supply issue. Aesthetically, there is addressable RGB for the fans, the top of the card, and the logo. The card uses stainless steel for the I/O bracket. For ports, it has two Native HDMI 2.1 and three Native DisplayPort 1.4a ports.

Meanwhile, the TUF Gaming version has three Axial-tech fans with dual ball fan bearings. The fans feature optimized rotation for reduced turbulence and a stop mode. Additionally, “most of” the rear has a protective metal backplate with a wide went, while the card’s bottom has a bracket for “consistent” mounting pressure between the die and heat spreader. Other features include a stainless steel I/O bracket, Dual BIOS, and durable components including military-grade capacitors. There are two Native HDMI 2.1 and three Native DisplayPort 1.4a ports.

Finally, the 20cm-long ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 3060 has two Axial-tech fans surrounded by a sleek shroud and 0dB technology. The card also has an aluminium backplate and stainless steel I/O bracket. There is one Native HDMI 2.1 and three Native DisplayPort 1.4a ports.

The RTX 3060 cards are priced at RM2,670 for the overclocked ROG Strix, RM2,460 for the overclocked TUF, RM2,150 for the overclocked DUAL, and RM1,990 for the regular DUAL.

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