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Are You Willing to Pay RM3,200 Extra for a Louis Vuitton Logo on Your True Wireless Earbuds?

If you're the type who likes to look like a hypebeast from head to toe, you'll now be able to have couture in your ears with Louis Vuitton's latest true wireless earbuds.

When the Louis Vuitton and Master & Dynamic collaboration was announced last year, some people were already gawking at the US$1,000 (~RM4,055) price tag, which is essentially a 335% markup from M&D's $299 (~RM1,212) MW07 Plus Earphones.

This year's revision raises the bar even higher, with a slightly more expensive price tag of US$1,090 (~RM4,420), which means you'll be paying a whopping US$790 (~RM3,200) extra just for some LV styling on your buds.

While you might be skeptical at the inflated price tag of an already expensive product, you can be sure that there'll be a market for these beauties. After all, isn't flex culture mainly form over function? #louisvuitton #masterdynamic #truewirelessearphones


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