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Are You a Creative Professional Always On the Go? This Might Be the Desktop Replacement for You

Ah, creatives and their high-demand workloads. Are you a creative professional chained to your desktop because you couldn't find a suitable desktop replacement that packs enough power without weighing a metric f*ck-ton?

Wouldn't you like to just pick up your workstation and go to some sunlit cafe to work, while sipping on a steamy cup of generic coffee, hipster-style?

If you answered 'yes' to the above questions, or are simply looking for a laptop to take with you on a work trip, then you might want to consider the GIGABYTE Aero series laptops, which are designed with creative professionals in mind.

Aero laptops are equipped with Intel Core i7 and i9 processors coupled with the latest GTX/RTX graphics to ensure that even when you're working with a large number of layers, your laptop won't choke (we can't guarantee that you won't, though).

NVIDIA's RTX Studio drivers coupled with the special drivers of apps like Adobe, Autodesk, and Unreal will ensure that you will experience superior performance and Sonic the Hedgehog speeds - even with multiple graphics-heavy apps running. Tack on the Azure AI system's auto-tunes plus GIGABYTE’s unique Supra Cool 2 cooling technology, and you'll also enjoy up to 30% extra cooling capacity.

Every unit of the AERO series is calibrated to ensure that the combination of the aforementioned technologies improves the performance by at least 10% above the average notebook brands and additionally accelerate the speed of running Adobe by up to 53%.

Speed is also key, and GIGABYTE has packed these machines with Intel m.2 PCIe SSDs and a minimum of 16GB Samsung DDR4 RAM (2,666mHz) to ensure you'll be able to run Photoshop, Premiere Pro, 3D Max, Sketchup - or whichever programs you use - without a hitch.

In addition to outstanding performance, you'll also enjoy the world's only X-Rite Pantone certified screen, which will satisfy even the nit-pickiest of creatives when it comes to colour accuracy. In terms of portability, the AERO series laptops measure only 2cm thick and weigh under 2kg - and they provide up to 8.5 hours of battery life on a single charge as well, so you can even ditch the power adapter for shorter work sessions.

Finally, the cherry on top is that you'll enjoy 3 months of free Adobe Creative Cloud with every purchase of AERO laptops equipped with NVIDIA RTX Studio.

If you're interested in finding out more about the GIGABYTE Aero Series laptops, you can check out all the available models here.


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