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ARC Raiders Delayed To 2023

Another game has been delayed to next year. This time it is Embark Studios’ PvE multiplayer shooter ARC Raiders.

Revealed in 2021 at The Game Awards, the game is a third-person co-op multiplayer sci-fi shooter where players take the role of a group of resistance fighters known as Raiders. They are tasked with fighting the imposing alien threat, known as ARC.

While the game was targeting a 2022 release year, the game has now been delayed to 2023. In an announcement by the game’s official Twitter account, they said that they will be using the extra time to “expand the experience” and “allow it to reach its fullest potential”.

The announcement also said that they would dive into more details as soon as they start to test the game more extensively with players.

While I am personally disappointed with the delay because I was excited for ARC Raiders. Hopefully, this delay will help the developers polish and improve the final product.


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