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Apple Said to be Working on New CPUs and GPUs for 2021

It looks like Apple has new Mac processors planned for 2021, with the company looking to best Intel’s top-tier chips with their new series.

As reported by Bloomberg, the new processors are follow-ups to Apple’s M1 chip, which was unveiled in November and is currently sported by several devices such as the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Bloomberg’s anonymous sources said that the processors, which are still under wraps, will “significantly outpace” Intel-powered devices if expectations are met. The new chips are planned to be released in Spring and Fall 2021 and will be seen in upgraded MacBook Pros, iMac desktops, and a new Mac Pro.

Image source: Apple Malaysia

In addition, it seems that Apple is working on new GPUs. Bloomberg says that 16-core and 32-core chips are being tested for the company’s “future high-end laptops and mid-range desktops”, while 64-core and 128-core chips are being worked on for Apple’s top-end devices. The 64-core and 128-core chips are expected to arrive in late 2021 or 2022, and are meant to outpace the NVIDIA and AMD GPUs used in Apple’s Intel-sporting devices. For comparison, the M1 Chip’s in-built GPU currently has seven-core and eight-core varieties.

Apple first announced its plan to move away from Intel CPUs back in June. It said that it expected to complete its plans in around two years, and the road map obtained by Bloomberg seems to indicate that that two-year plan is still on track.


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