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Apple Rolls Out Public Beta Testing for iOS15 and iPadOS15

Apple has rolled out the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public betas. Interested users can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program here. According to Macrumors, the iOS 15 will add new features including FaceTime, Focus, Safari, Maps, Wallet, Mail, and Photos.

The FaceTime app will let users experience better video calls with its new tools for reducing distractions. It also supports SharePlay for watching TV, listening to music, and even sharing a screen with your friends. The Shared with You feature will help you to keep track of songs, picture, and other media that you friends share with you.

Focus will keep you focused on tasks by filtering unwanted notifications. Safari will have a redesigned interface, adding a compact tab bar located at the bottom of the screen. Maps will have a new zoomed-out globe view and a new 3D view in selected cities, along with an AR-based walking direction feature.

In addition, the Wallet app will support IDs and more kinds of keys. Meanwhile, Photos will have updates like the Memories and a new Live Text feature that can recognise text in an image, making it searchable and copyable. As for Mail, its privacy protection will prevent senders from seeing your IP address and they won't know if you have read the email or not.


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