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Apple May Launch a Monitor Half the Price of the Pro Display XDR This Year

Apple's 2022 rumored external display may be a cheaper variant of the Pro Display XDR as it's expected to come at half of the 32" Retina 6K display's price.

Pro Display XDR

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman (via AppleInsider), Apple's next external monitor will launch "in the coming year" and is "destined to be about half the price of the Pro Display XDR."

If the claims are true, the upcoming model might be priced at around US$2,499 (~RM10,424) as the Pro Display XDR costs US$4,999 (~RM20,853). Given the lower price point, the new model is expected to feature lower-end such as a smaller size display with a lower 4K resolution.


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