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Apple iPhone iOS 16 will be available on 13 September. Check out the newest features right now

iOS 16 improves the iPhone with brand-new personalization options, deeper intelligence, and more seamless ways to share and communicate.

Reimagined Lock Screen

iOS 16 will be featuring a more personalized lock-screen that allows users to customize their lock-screen by showcasing their favourite pictures, customize font styles and even decide to display which widgets they needed such as current fitness level, upcoming calendar events and more from your favourite apps. Of course iOS users are able to setup focus filters on lock-screen to prevent distraction from your everyday app and content.

Everyday messaging enhanced

Besides, you can now edit a message you just sent or delete from a recent message completely. You can also mark a message as unread if you can't response at the moment and leave the message on hold until later. It also allows you to share notes, presentation and Safari Tab Groups in Messages and easily get in touch with your friend directly from the app that you're working.

Live Text for video

Live Text was a significant addition in iOS 15, allowing users to interact with text within photographs saved on your iPhone. It allows you to make calls, copy and paste text, and more with new improvements in iOS 16 including currency conversion and text translation.

Rapid Security Response

Between regular software updates, iPhone will receive significant security updates, ensuring that you are always up to date to keep your data protected at all-time. Moreover, Safety Check helps those experiencing domestic or intimate partner violence in assessing and resets the access they've granted to the others. Safety Check resets app privacy permissions on the system and limits Messages and FaceTime to the device in use.

Apple iOS 16 features highlight

iOS 16 new features include an editable lock screen with the option to add widgets, focus filter mode, photo swapping on the lock screen, live activities and more. Other notable features include the ability to edit, remember, or mark unread iMessages, share an iCloud photo library with up to five people, smart search corrections for mail, schedule or unsend mail, Live text for videos, and quick Siri shortcut setup steps.

Of course there will be much more iOS 16 features that aren't mentioned within this article, for more on iOS16, visit the iOS 16 page on the Apple website.


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